Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We're still here!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, we're still here... just Busy with a capital B. The latest project has been the Critter Containment unit, AKA a 47" woven wire fence around the perimeter of the property. The holes got dug thanks to Josh and my dad, and I've been chipping away at planting posts. Last week we braced the corners, today I ordered the wire. Yippie! Forward progress feels so good. Its snowing like crazy outside right now, but Mr Weather says we're looking at a 50 degree weekend. Guess who will be stringing her new fence!?
We had great fun playing in the rain, until the auger got stuck, then things were much less fun. However, all the holes got dug with the exception of three which were easy enough to finish by hand. For the record, only Sully and the dogs were covered in mud when we were done!

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